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Proactechs. 1623 Michigan Ave. Miami Beach FL 33139 . 305-901-3639

About Us

Proactechs is an Apple authorized service provider which offers in-store, on-site business and home repair of your iPhone, iPad and Mac devices, both in and out of warranty. We offer an array of services which include repairs of all Apple gadgets, Apple IT Outsourcing, Wi-fi Guestlist, point of sale systems (iPad Point of Sale), Mac Server and data management.


At Proactechs, our major objective is to provide the highest quality technology-based repairs to every Apple customer.

Located in Miami Beach, we pride ourselves in being the only Apple managed Services Provider in the district.


Apart from being skilled IT experts, we are also trained customer service personnel. When you visit our store, you are immediately welcomed with a smile and offered a cup of water or coffee. Apart from being warm and friendly, our environment is always clean and attractive and to top it all, there is free Wi-Fi for all our visiting customers to enjoy.


We provide customized solutions to fit your needs by evaluating your business. Our team of Mac consultants are ready to come to your aid and we will follow up with you until you are satisfied.


The certified Apple consultants at Proactechs assist organizations by improving business performance through efficient Apple products and networks. We support 3rd party Apple software, security, productivity and infrastructure. We are skilled at identifying solutions, making timely recommendations, and implement systems.

After we have installed and configured your network of devices, we show you how simple it is to operate and how all of it comes together to bring less stress and more peace of mind. We make sure we equip you and your staff with the knowledge of how to operate the technology installed by Proactechs

Meet The Team

Proactechs is a team of certified technicians specializing in adding Apple to a business

Daniel Escobar
Apple Certified Director
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Gonzalo Baquero
Apple Certified Guru
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Xavier Rodriguez
Apple Certified Guru
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Mauro Moreno
Apple Certified Guru
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